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Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT)

Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) is a leading container terminal located in Karachi, Pakistan. Situated at the Karachi Port, PICT has transformed the maritime trade landscape in the country through its commitment to efficiency, reliability, and technological innovation.

Pict container Tracking

Services Offered by PICT:

Berth Facilities:

PICT operates modern berths that can accommodate large container vessels. With deep draft berths capable of handling vessels up to 15 meters draft, PICT enables efficient loading and unloading operations. The terminal’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced equipment ensure the safe and seamless handling of containers, minimizing turnaround time.

Yard Operations:

PICT boasts a vast container yard equipped with advanced technology and equipment. The automated container stacking system enables efficient container storage and retrieval, optimizing the use of space and reducing waiting times. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency and ensures the secure handling of containers.

Customs Clearance:

PICT provides integrated customs clearance services to facilitate smooth import and export processes. By collaborating closely with customs authorities, the terminal simplifies customs procedures, ensuring compliance with regulations. PICT’s dedicated customs examination area within its premises enables efficient inspections and expedites cargo clearance.

Warehousing and Distribution:

PICT offers comprehensive warehousing and distribution solutions. The terminal provides dedicated storage facilities with modern racking systems to ensure proper inventory management. Additionally, PICT’s distribution services help businesses streamline their supply chain, improving overall operational efficiency.

Value-Added Services:

In addition to core terminal services, PICT offers value-added services to enhance customer convenience. These services include container repair and maintenance, reefer services for temperature-controlled cargo, and documentation assistance. PICT’s team of experts ensures that containers are in optimal condition, and necessary documentation is handled efficiently.

Technological Advancements at PICT:

PICT leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize its operations and enhance service delivery. The terminal employs a sophisticated Terminal Operating System (TOS) that integrates various aspects of operations, including vessel planning, yard management, and gate operations. This real-time system enables accurate tracking of containers, minimizing delays and improving overall efficiency.

PICT has also invested in advanced container handling equipment, such as rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs) and quay cranes. Equipped with features like anti-sway technology and remote control capabilities, these automated cranes ensure safe and efficient container handling.

Impact on Pakistan’s Economy:

PICT has played a significant role in boosting Pakistan’s economy. By providing world-class infrastructure and efficient services, the terminal has attracted foreign investment and trade opportunities. PICT’s operations contribute significantly to the country’s GDP and employment generation.

The terminal’s efficient handling of containerized cargo has enhanced the competitiveness of Pakistani industries. It has facilitated international business transactions by serving as a gateway for imports, exports, and transshipments. PICT’s role in connecting Pakistan to the global market has contributed to increased trade volumes and revenue.

Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) is located at East Wharf of the Port of Karachi.

PICT contact email is [email protected]

PICT helpline number is 111-117-428. Ext. 2821,2822,2823.