KGTL Container Tracking

Welcome to KGTL Container Tracking Service: Empowering You with Precise Location and Status Updates for Your Cargo. Enter your BL/Container/CRN/Shipping Bill number in the online tracker below and track the real-time status of your shipment.

KGTL Container Tracking

How to Track KGTL Container?

To monitor a container at Karachi Gateway Terminal Limited (KGTL) you can generally follow a straightforward process, which is typically available via the terminal’s website or a specialized mobile application. Although the exact steps may differ slightly depending on updates or modifications to the terminal’s system, here’s a basic outline for tracking a KGTL container:

1. Access the Official Platform

  • Begin by navigating to KGTL’s official online platform. Terminals usually provide a dedicated section for container tracking.

2. Locate the Tracking Feature

  • Search for a feature or section labeled with terms like “Container Tracking”, “Cargo Tracking”, or “Track and Trace”.

3. Input Your Container Information

  • In the tracking area, there should be an input field where you can enter your unique container number (this could be referred to as the bill of lading number or booking number).
  • Ensure the number is entered correctly to retrieve accurate tracking details.

4. Proceed with the Query

  • Once you’ve entered your container number, look for a button to initiate the tracking process—commonly labeled “Track”.

5. Review Your Container’s Information

  • After submitting your query, the platform should display the latest information regarding your container’s status. This information may include the container’s most recent location, its estimated arrival time at its destination, and its current stage in the shipping process (for instance, whether it’s been loaded onto a ship or is pending customs clearance).

Additional Recommendations:

  • For Multiple Containers: If tracking several containers, the system may allow you to enter several container numbers at once, separated by commas, or to upload a file containing the list.
  • Reaching Out to Customer Support: Should you face any difficulties or if the container’s status isn’t available, getting in touch with KGTL’s customer service may offer further assistance and detailed information.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (0092-21) 111-11-KGTL (5485)
Address: Berth 6-10 East Wharf, Karachi Port, Karachi.