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Cosco container tracking

Sailing with COSCO: Vessel Schedule Insights

COSCO’s vessel schedule is a treasure trove of information for businesses engaged in international trade. It provides details about the departure and arrival times of vessels, helping you plan your shipments effectively. Whether you’re an exporter striving to meet tight deadlines or an importer eager to receive goods promptly, access to vessel schedules ensures you’re always one step ahead.

Mastering Bills of Lading (BLs)

Bills of Lading (BLs) are vital documents in the world of shipping. They serve as both a receipt of goods and a contract of carriage. COSCO’s BL tracking service allows you to effortlessly monitor the status of your BLs. This feature is especially valuable for verifying the authenticity of your BLs and ensuring a smooth customs clearance process.

Enhanced Visibility

COSCO Shipping Line tracking takes transparency to the next level. It provides detailed insights into your cargo’s journey, from the moment it’s loaded onto the vessel to its arrival at the destination port. This comprehensive tracking system helps you stay informed, make informed decisions, and manage your supply chain more effectively.

Understanding COSCO Shipping Charges

Shipping charges encompass various fees associated with moving cargo from one location to another. When working with COSCO in Pakistan, it’s essential to be aware of these charges to make informed decisions and manage your logistics costs effectively.

1. DO Charges (Documentation Charges)

Documentation is a fundamental part of international trade. COSCO’s Documentation Charges cover the cost of preparing, processing and handling essential documents required for shipping. These may include bills of lading, certificates of origin, and other customs-related paperwork.

2. Import Charges

Import charges incurred when using COSCO’s services in Pakistan are essential to consider when planning your shipments. These charges typically include customs clearance fees, import duties, and taxes, which are the responsibility of the importer. Accurate knowledge of these costs helps importers estimate the total landed cost of their goods.

3. Detention Charges

Detention charges are levied when containers are retained beyond the agreed-upon free time for loading or unloading. COSCO’s detention charges in Pakistan are crucial for businesses to factor into their supply chain planning. Efficient container management can help avoid unnecessary detention fees.

4. DO (Delivery Order) Charges

Delivery Order Charges are incurred when COSCO issues an official document authorizing the release of cargo to the consignee or their representative. These charges contribute to the administrative cost of cargo release and ensure a secure and organized process.

5. COSCO Charges – Comprehensive Overview

In addition to the specific charges mentioned above, COSCO provides a detailed breakdown of shipping-related expenses. These charges cover various aspects of container handling, transport, and documentation, contributing to the overall cost of shipping goods through COSCO’s services in Pakistan.

COSCO Shipping Charges Chart (Sample)

Here’s a sample chart outlining some of the key COSCO shipping charges in Pakistan:

Charge TypeDescriptionCost Estimate (Varies)
Documentation ChargesDocument processing and handling fees$50 – $150 per shipment
Import ChargesCustoms clearance, duties, and taxesVaries based on cargo
Detention ChargesDelayed container returnPer day after free time
Delivery Order ChargesRelease of cargo authorization$20 – $50 per document
Other Shipping ChargesVarious fees for services and documentationVaries based on service


Documentation charges cover the cost of processing essential shipping documents such as bills of lading and certificates of origin. They are crucial for ensuring the smooth flow of goods in international trade.

Detention charges are incurred when containers are held beyond the agreed-upon free time. Factors include delays in loading or unloading. To avoid these charges, plan efficient container handling.

You can track your cargo using COSCO’s container tracking service by entering your container number on their website or contacting their customer service.

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